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The role and characteristics of automatic putty scraper
release time:2020-03-31

In the production process of plywood, the surface of the board will be uneven, and the fully automatic scraping putty machine is a special equipment invented and designed to "make up the surface defects of the board surface with putty". It is mainly used to apply putty to smooth the surface of defects (potholes, gaps and depressions, etc.) of joinery boards, multi-layer boards, building templates and other boards to make the board surface smooth.


It has the characteristics of simple operation, convenient maintenance, high working efficiency, exquisite appearance, smooth surface and good quality. The equipment is used for production, which is completed at one time, and the production efficiency is high. Reduce labor intensity, liberate a large number of labor, reduce product costs, and improve economic efficiency. And the machine tool has a reasonable structure and easy operation, which is an ideal choice for wood-based panel manufacturers.

The above is the introduction of the functions and characteristics of the automatic putty scraper for everyone. I hope to bring help to friends in need. If you still have other questions that you do not understand, you can always consult customer service, we will serve you wholeheartedly.