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In 2020, my country's machinery industry value-added growth is expected to reach 5%
release time:2020-03-31

"It is expected that in 2020, the economic operation of the machinery industry will show a trend of low-to-high and gradual recovery. If the epidemic can be ended as soon as possible, the growth rate of industrial added value can still reach about 5%, and indicators such as operating income and total profit will maintain a small increase. "Although the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic has a great impact and impact on the industry, although enterprises still face many difficulties in resuming production, when it comes to the operation of the machinery industry this year and the future development, Chen Bin, executive vice president of the China Machinery Industry Federation, still Full of confidence. At an online press conference held by the China Machinery Industry Federation on February 25, he represented the Machinery Federation on the Tencent video live broadcast to the media to predict the trend of the machinery industry this year.

He said that 2020 is the year of fully building a well-off society and ending the "13th Five-Year Plan". Facing current difficulties and challenges, the entire industry must be firm in confidence, invigorate and take the initiative to take part in effective combat against the epidemic. In the work of orderly restoring production, we should make due contributions to achieving the stable and healthy development of the industry and ensuring the completion of the annual target.

The enterprise faces seven obstacles to resume normal production and operation

The new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, which has been spreading rapidly since late January 2020, has had an impact on my country’s social operations and economic development. Demand and production have suddenly slowed, consumption has been sluggish, investment has been sluggish, and exports have been declining. As the pillar industry of the national economy, the production and operation of the machinery industry also face great challenges.

According to Chen Bin, the China Machinery Industry Federation conducted a special survey for the first time to understand the impact of the epidemic on the machinery industry. According to the feedback from thousands of companies, the impact is mainly reflected in:

Delayed resumption of work and blocked production. In order to prevent the spread of the epidemic, many local governments have issued notices to postpone the resumption of work. Mechanical companies have generally delayed the resumption of production. More than 90% of the companies have delayed the actual resumption of production due to the postponed resumption of production. Adjustment.

Traffic restrictions make logistics difficult. After the outbreak, logistics transportation, especially inter-provincial logistics, was basically suspended, which had a significant impact on production activities. On the one hand, the transportation of raw materials, spare parts and outsourced parts is not smooth, which makes it difficult to guarantee production; on the other hand, it is difficult to deliver the sold products, and it is difficult for the equipment debugging and installation personnel to arrive at the site to work.

The connection between upstream and downstream of the industrial chain is not smooth, and the supply chain is difficult to guarantee. The industrial chain of the machinery industry is relatively long, and most enterprises on the industrial chain are scattered in different regions of the country. Due to the different epidemic situations in different regions and the inconsistent deadlines for suspension and resumption of production, the difficulty of matching production and supply between upstream and downstream enterprises has increased significantly, which has destroyed some of the more vulnerable industrial ecology.