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Introduction of mixing techniques for putty powder
source:China News Network | release time:2020-03-31

Before the board is putty, it is usually a very annoying and putty process. The quality of this step directly affects the quality of the putty afterwards. Today we will take a look at using automatic scraping. How to stir putty powder before putty machine.

  Because water is not added during this step, pay attention to the stirring time when stirring. You can stir more to make him very well-proportioned. Also, be careful not to use Pour all the putty into the brain to stir, and do it step by step. Step by step, add less at a time. When these are evenly mixed, add them again. The next time you mix it, it will mix more evenly. There may be a lot of putties that appear to be fast putty for reasons of placement. If they are like this, they must all be crushed, so that they can be evenly mixed, otherwise, no matter how much they are mixed, it will not work. Large ones are also inconvenient when used.

For the mixing of putty powder, be sure to mix it evenly. Although this is more troublesome, it can save a lot of things when it is used.