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Is the automatic scraping putty machine the same as manual scraping?
source:Jianye Shunda Putty Machine | release time:2020-04-17

The fully automatic scraping putty machine actually acts as a fast feeder, sending the material to the wall quickly and evenly, and it cannot completely replace the manual direct scraping. The wall is flat, sprayed several times, scraped several times or sprayed. What surface or several procedures are not related to the machine, only related to the construction of the wall surface, the effect is the same as that of the hand-scraped wall, and the construction speed is greatly improved.

       During construction, if the wall is flat, use a small-diameter nozzle, spray thinner, and dry directly after grinding; if the wall is not flat, use a large-diameter nozzle to spray thicker, and use a special scraper to collect after spraying.

       The application of automatic putty scraping machine can save a lot of labor and reduce the work intensity of workers. Through the above introduction about automatic putty scraping, it can be seen that the automatic putty scraping machine is a very practical machine. How about this machine? In the production practice, although the fully automatic putty scraping machine improves the work efficiency, it can not completely replace manual labor and is not suitable for fine processing.